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Our 23 Year Reputation

Nick you have done a great job of bottom cleaning and keeping the top side in good condition over the past three years. He has a solid work ethic that makes him very easy to work with. ~ William Seiberling, family founder of Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.

Nick I thought you provided outstanding, professional, reliable and knowledgeable service as a diver for your boat Ms Ginger II. Thank You and Highest Regards ~ Capt John Moritz SeaLah Expedition, Inc, 43 Post, Southbay Yacht & Raquet Club

NICK IS ULTRA DEPENDABLE! ~ Tom DeLong, Marina Jack Dinnerboat Operations Manager, 96 Skipperliner, diver services since February 2002

Nick, wanted to let you know that Classica at Southbay has been sold. You have dived on both of our boats for a long time and have always done a very good job.  In fact, when Classica was hauled out for the survey everyone was really impressed with the condition of the bottom. Thank you for your service and we appreciate your help. ~ Ann and Paul McLain, 42 Tiara, Southbay Yacht & Raquet Club

My wife is the primary captain of the boat and she was absolutely thrilled with the (topside detail) job you did last time. ~ Jeff Stearns, 29 Tiara, Southbay Yacht & Raquet Club

Nick, your rates are fari and your work is excellent. I know because I personally inspected the bottom two weeks ago while diving. ~ Brett Hamil, 56 Viking "Extravaganazza", Fisherman's Wharf

Nick, thank you for being so accommodating. Your business attitude deserves the extra compensation. I am very appreciative. You are FIRST CLASS both in service and business attitude. ~ Bob McCormick, 38 Silverton, Southbay

I did a survey haul out on a 355 Carver that Nick takes care of in Southbay. The bottom cleaning was the best that I've seen in a long time. ~ Louis Horton, boat inspections.

Nick, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your work when we had the boat hauled for survey. The bottom and especially the props and rudders looked great with no growth what so ever. Thanks again for the quality work. ~ Ron Kitchen, 530 Navigator, Marine Max

Thank you Nick.  I appreciate your work and honesty.  It is oftentimes a rare trait, but you exemplify what it means to be a honest businessman.  ~ Kevin Deiter, Captain "Louf Enuff" 760 Mark Willis

You are top notch in my book! ~ Mike Carns, 480 Navigator, Southbay Yacht & Raquet Club

Hi Nicholas, we were lucky to have you take care of our boat. You are #1 at what you do. If you ever need a referral, please call me. When they hauled out How Nice, I expected to see the bottom in need of a paint job (especially after 4 years since last paint job). I told the buyer to expect to paint it before summer. The guy that hauled it at Marine Max in Venice said it was in great shape and would last another year, I don’t know about that, but I did tell the buyer that he needed a diver he could trust. That’s you! Thank you. ~ Michael D. Lang Former owner of “How Nice” Southbay

Nicholas I really appreciate your expertise and loyalty to maintain my boat. ~ Ron Abling 380, Searay Venice Yacht Club

Thanks for getting Endless Summer cleaned in such a timely manner.  We had the survey haul out today and the bottom looked super clean.  She also logged an all time high speed at full throttle.  You guys do a great job. ~ Bob Rohland, 430 Tradewinds, Marine Max Venice

Your professionalism and integrity are outstanding! Thank you. ~ Jerry Saari, 380 Krogen, Punta Gorda

Thank you for your service - it's been a pleasure working with you. ~ Del Pemberton, 560 Carver, Southbay

You're the best diver we have ever had for Island Princess! ~ Mike Trautman, 320 Morgan, Sarasota Yacht Club

Nick shows up! And when he does, always energetic and does a PERFECT job. Thanks Nick! ~ Jack Carpenter, Nokomis

Nick, I know I can always depend on you and I'm grateful for that! ~ Dawn Burdell, Southbay

Dear Nick, thank you. I am really glad that I switched to your diving & underwater maintenance company. Your professionalism, Anthony’s as well, is much appreciated. My best ~ Jim Cranston, CDR/USN(Ret) USCG Lic. Master

Thanks Nick! We appreciate your continued good service! ~ Tom Murphy, 430 Viking, Burnt Store Isle, Punta Gorda

Thanks for everything Nick! You have done a great job taking care of my boat from top to bottom over the years. You have helped keep it new which means a lot now that the time has come to sell. Thank you. ~ Terry Kiewiet, 430 Silverton, Blackburn Point Marina. Topside detail and diver services since 2002

Nick cleans boat like Felix Unger cleans house! The guy is meticulous and takes pride in his work. ~ Chris Landry, Editor of Powerboat Reports, 7820 South Holiday Drive, Sarasota, FL 34231, 941-929-1720 (tel), 941-929-1725 (fax)

Not only was Nick extremely diligent when working on my boat, he is also a good businessman. He's professional with the presentation of his business and himself, promptly returns calls and keeps appointments. ~ Steve Arbor, 340 Cruiser, Englewood

Nick just started to clean up my SeaRaider 16' Jet boat which has been out in the weather for almost 3 years. I've tried dozens of times to get the mold & mildew and other stains off the beast without success. But after only 45 minutes, Nick has it looking brand new again and he just started! I've seen his work on other boats next to our trawler in the last few months and his hard work and diligence to detail amaze me. I'll recommend his work to anyone I meet. Great work Nick and thank You! ~ Tim Mandeville, Casey Key

Nicholas Yacht Services is a cut above. Awesome attention to detail, very meticulous. Nick has turned oxidized 20 year old hulls into near new condition and landfill candidates into collectible vessels. Worth every penny and to be trusted. Our only detailer in the marina. ~ Mike Taylor/Dockmaster, Manatee Landings Marina

Nick has been taking care of our boat at Venice Yacht Club for over a year now and has always done a great job. We are out of town quite often but whenever we return we consistently find out boat in excellent condition and ready for our enjoyment. ~ Charles Poellet, "Irreverent" @ Venice Yacht Club

Nick is a very conscientious individual and knows his business. I have been a member of this community for 24 years and recommend him highly to anyone that wants their boat kept in like new condition. ~ R.J. Manns/Matthews Manns Furniture Sarasota

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Call Nick Buchanan at (941) 587-0060 or email for more information.

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