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Topside Wash & Polishing

Looking to renew your neglected boat or yacht? Sooner or later especially in Florida's climate, the gel coat will probably become drab-looking which give the whole boat a worn down look. We specialize in exterior cosmetic restoration on even the worst, most neglected boats and yachts. Our work will make your marine vessel look newer, last longer and help maintain a higher resale value for less than you might think.  


There are a lot of ways to go about maintaining or bringing back that high gloss of fiberglass, but we prefer the tried and tested old fashioned way of cleaning, wetsanding, compound, and polish. If we wax your boat, we will always use some degree of compound first to remove oxidation, old waxes and residues then follow up with polish and wax. And we only use the finest quality products to bring about the finest quality results. 

The fiberglass is only one part of a long detail list. Topside metals (stainless, aluminum and brass), teak and other britework, vinyls and the isinglass also need to be cleaned and polished on a regular basis for protection against the extreme demands and harsh environment Florida yacht. Please call (941) 587-0060 for an estimate on your boat.


For trawlers, sailboats, powerboats, big boats, small boats and your boat call Nicholas Yacht Services for dependable wash, wax, polishing and U.V. protection at a rate that will allow you to have it detailed often to keep your boat looking new.



Call Nick Buchanan at (941) 587-0060 or email for more information.

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