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Zinc Anodes

Galvanic corrosion occurs whenever two dissimilar metals are submerged in or coated with an electrolyte (a liquid that conducts electricity). An actual battery is created that generates its own current. This current flows from one metal which is called the anode and is the less noble of the two metals involved to the other metal, the cathode, which is the more noble of the metals. In the process, the anode slowly gets eaten away. 


Zinc is one of the least noble of all metals and therefore is purposely added as a sacrifice for metal protection in saltwater. Aluminum and magnesium zincs are also available for brakish and fresh water boats. We sell and install all our zincs at a significant discount, up to 35% off retail, and we primarily use CAMP products made locally; not Taiwan or Canada. We have noticed a significant difference in performance and protection. Give us a call about that.  

Scuba Diver

Call Nick Buchanan at (941) 587-0060 or email for more information.

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